Title Loans Brownsville, Florida

Sometimes life happens. Fever, aches, chills, fatigue and a hole in your wallet are symptoms of the flu. Okay, the last one is not an actually symptom, but it does happen. Flu season is hard on the body and the wallet. Annually, it cost Americans more than 87 billion dollars. That amount includes medical costs and time missed at work, but it affects everyone. What exactly will your portion be? The average person pays between 250 dollars and a thousand dollars on medicine and other recovery costs. Wow! If that happens to you, don’t worry about where to get that extra money. Just visit Amberjack Finance and let us help you with title loans in Miami and Brownsville.

Title loans in Brownsville are an easy way to stay ahead of medical bills. Simply use your car to get cash. Your vehicle is worth thousands of dollars, and Amberjack Finance is willing to let you use that equity to get a loan. Because you are using collateral, there will be no credit check. This is especially good for people whose bad credit won’t qualify for a traditional loan.

Brownsville Title Loan Requirements

Auto equity loans in Brownsville are available to anyone who is at least 18 and has a car, motorcycle, truck or other vehicle to use as collateral. The vehicle must be paid off and lien-free, and the applicant must be listed as the owner on the vehicle registration. Another requirement is to have an income.

Title Loan Brownsville Application

All you need to supply for the online application is the vehicle make, model, mileage and year of manufacture. Then give us your name, address and phone number so we can call you. We do that after you get the loan quote, which comes when you submit your application. During our phone chat, you and a loan representative go over your car’s condition to determine a final loan offer. You also set a plan with dates for loan payments, and you give more information about your source of income. When everything is setup, you just need to give us the title and sign loan documents so you can collect your cash.

Florida Legal Information

  • Loans are set for a 30 day repayment period.
  • Borrowers can renew loans for additional 30 day periods, if the lender agrees.
  • Lenders can repossess the vehicle attached to delinquent accounts and sell it to recoup their loan costs.
  • Before a lender sells a repossessed vehicle, the borrower must be given 10 days notice to remove their personal items or reclaim their vehicle. To get the automobile back, the lender must pay off the loan and any fees associated with the loan.
  • Interest rates vary from 18 to 30 percent a year depending on the amount of the loan.

Benefits of car title loans in Brownsville

  • An application that only requires about 10 pieces of information is not only easy to complete, but extremely fast as well. After spending a couple of minutes on that, you spend a few more talking to a loan agent. Before you know it, your title loan process is complete and you are collecting your money.
  • No credit check means no one is about to say no just because you missed a few payments in the past. No is what you hear from a loan officer at the bank after they check your credit history.
  • If you realize the payment plan you set up is too much, your payments can be reduced. Amberjack Finance came to the rescue with a title loan when you needed help, and we will not abandon you if things are still difficult. We can find a way to rework your title loan so that you payments are lower and more affordable.