Title Loans Miami Lakes, Florida

What do you do if you're in a financial jam and need cash fast. The question then becomes, what are title loans? A car title loan is a form of secured financing where borrowers use the equity in their vehicle as collateral. Borrowers who wish to get the credit have to allow the creditor to place a lien on their vehicle title. The borrower must also temporarily provide a hard copy of their car title in exchange for the prescribed credit amount. It should, however, be noted that once the loan is fully repaid the lien placed on the vehicle is removed as the car title is returned to its rightful owner. Title loans are mostly short term. Title creditors, consequently, offer little regard to the credit history of the debtors. Even so, the amount of financing in the form of credit that one is eligible of receiving is limited. Title loan creditors consider some factors to determine the credit value. These factors include:

  • The market value of the vehicle used as security
  • The amount of funds requested
  • The applicant’s ability to repay the loan in full

Demand for title loans in Miami Lakes is on a constant rise. This can be attributed to their helpful nature during times of emergency financial need. For example, a title loan can come in handy during situations of unforeseen medical emergencies. Medical calamities necessitate immediate medical attention. Title loans offer a solution during such times. Other unprecedented events such as the death of a loved one require adequate financing to oversee the funeral expenses. Title loans can help mitigate financial expenditures incurred during such adverse economic times.

Title Loans Miami Lakes; Easy Financing

While seeking title loans in Miami Lakes, consider Amberjack finance. The company is regarded highly in Miami Lakes. Their recognition is founded on their ability to process loan requests within a day of application. Moreover, the company supports online application. With Amberjack finance, the borrower can send the entire application request online without having to leave their home.

There are only two steps that ought to be completed, to apply for a title loan with Amberjack. These measures aim to collect certain information from the applicant. The steps are:

  • Step one: The applicant ought to provide his/her home address, name, and phone number. The company will use this information to deliver a free estimate for your loan status to him/her
  • Step two: The applicant should provide the make, mileage, year, and model of the car used as collateral. The institution will use this information to determine how much the vehicle is worth

On successful completion of the above steps, the company will designate a loan representative who will then refine other contractual details with the applicant. Title loans in Miami Lakes are available to all who can provide a car title.

Legal Stipulations on Title Loans

The state of Florida has put forth legislations to regulate title loans in Miami and Miami Lakes. The laws in Florida aim at limiting loan amounts, the duration of loan maturity, and other sensitive terms of agreement. The statutes mostly protect the borrower from exploitation. Notably, the laws restrict the sale and repossession of collateral. Moreover, statute 516 unambiguously states that such loan contracts must be in writing with the agreement details clearly stipulated. These details should include:

  • Total interest payable
  • Date of agreement
  • Details about the collateral used

Benefits of Title Loans

Title loans can be considered as the gateway to sound financial well-being. Some of the advantages of vehicle title loans may include:

  • Title loans are quick. Lender's process applications within 24 hours
  • The value of collateral required to earn title loans is quite minimal as compared to other creditors such as banks
  • Title loan lenders sought out minimal requirements from the borrowers to award the loan
  • Title loans offer competitive interest rates, accommodating payment options, and more value for the security’s equity