Title Loans Miami Shores, Florida

Life has a way of throwing you financial curveballs unexpectedly. The question then becomes, how does one deal with a financial emergency? Title loans in Miami Shores help in a financial crisis by helping consumers pull cash out of their cars. We’re not talking about change that falls between the seats. The car, or other type of vehicle, has value. Depending on its age and condition, it could be worth a few thousand or many, many thousands of dollars. When a car owner uses the equity in their vehicle as collateral, they can get a title loan.

Requirements for car title loans in Miami Shores

Applicants for title loans in Miami Shores need to be at least 18 years old. The vehicle they use as collateral must be paid off and free of liens, and they must be listed on the registration as the car’s owner. Applicants must have a source of income. If they don’t have a job, they can use money from alimony, social security or unemployment and disability benefits.

Title Loans Miami Shores Application

All we need to give you an initial loan quote is your name, address and phone number. Make sure it’s a working number because we need to call you to work out loan details. We also need to know about your car, such as the make, model and how many miles it has. When you talk to our agent, you will discuss your vehicle. A closer look at is condition is needed to finalize the exact loan amount. Needless to say, two cars with the same make and model may not have the same value. One may have upgrades that result in a higher loan offer. Once the loan offer is made, you and the agent can set up a repayment plan, and you can provide details about your income. All applicants need to have a way to pay back their title loan. After all the details are worked out, you turn in the title, and our agent turns over your money.

Benefits of Title Loans in Miami Shores

  • The application on takes a few minutes to complete. Discussing your loan options with a Amberjack Finance agent does not take very much time. It is this streamlined and efficient process that allows most applicants to be approved and get their money the same day.
  • Your credit score is terrible, but you need a loan now. Well, isn’t it great that title loans in Miami don’t use a credit score to determine who gets a loan? If you have the collateral and can pay back the loan, you win. Compare that to a bank loan, which definitely includes a credit check. If the score is not good enough, you will most likely be denied a loan.
  • Flexibility is good when it comes to loans. Let’s say you find yourself struggling to make those monthly notes. Just talk to a Amberjack Finance representative about ways to make it work. We can renew loans, roll them over or restructure them so you can afford to make the payments. After all, what would be the point of helping you get money to straighten out one financial mess if the loan actually makes it worse?
  • Keep your car. There’s no need to be inconvenienced while you pay back the loan, so we’ll keep the title, and you keep driving.
  • Pay if off early. There is no penalty.