Title Loans North Miami Beach, Florida

Your finances can get out of control if not closely monitored. You knew this day would come. Tuition is due for your kid at Nova University or Florida International School of Architecture or some other area school, and you don't have the cash to pay it. You might have it tomorrow or next week or next month, but you don't have it today. What do you do?

Well, chances are if you're like most people visiting the Amberjack Finance website, you're interested in learning more about getting title loans in North Miami Beach. And maybe you're not so interested in getting one for a tuition payment as you are for that late doctor bill or to consolidate some smaller bills or what have you.

But title loans in North Miami Beach come with some real advantages that other loans can't offer you. For one thing, the money is yours to use as you wish. While most of our borrowers use it to catch up on bills or to pay off an old debt or even to pay for tuition, some do use it for fun. Is there a vacation that you haven't taken because you couldn't afford it? Perhaps you want to buy someone a gift. Any and all of those reasons are perfectly legitimate reasons to apply for a title loan.

And the process of applying for title loans in North Miami Beach differs from other types of loan application processes in a key way. While a signature loan requires you to have pretty much sterling credit, a title loan doesn't. Here's why. Signature loans are loans based on your credit history. If you have a good credit history, then chances are good that you'll qualify. If you don't, you won't.

However, with collateral loans like title loans, you only need to offer the loan company a form of security or collateral. In this instance, it would be your vehicle (provided that its title is free and clear of any liens). Basically, if you own a car that you'd like to offer to Amberjack Finance as collateral, you can get a loan.

Title Loans North Miami Beach: What is the Application Process?

It's no secret that life today is more hectic than it ever has been. You truly don't have a lot of time to spend waiting in an office somewhere to find out if you qualify for a loan. Fortunately, we here at Amberjack Finance make this part of your life easier. A major portion of our loan application exists online, and we only ask you to submit a small amount of information.

Here's what we need to get started:

  • Your name
  • Your zip
  • Your phone
  • Your vehicle's make/ model
  • Its mileage
  • Its year

You'll submit this information to us via our convenient online application. The form is made to be simple. It's also intended to alert loan representatives in our office of your interest. Basically, once you apply, you will receive a loan quote from us. This estimate gives you an idea of the amount of money we can lend you. We base the amount on the value of your car, truck, or motorcycle (or whatever you offer up as collateral).

We also understand that you might have additional questions about the loan process. The good news is we don't leave you in the lurch. After you receive your loan estimate, we'll call you. This call will come from our local office in the area. Please feel free to ask this rep any questions. Of course, you can also find out when you can get your money, too!

Title Loans North Miami Beach: Our Legal Obligation to You

Did you know that the title-loan industry is well regulated? It is. And this is for your protection. State and federal lawmakers have created laws that were intended to regulate the industry. They ensure that the borrower is protected.

This means we give you a contract. Nothing in it should surprise you. You'll know how much you need to pay back; how much interest we're charging you; and how long you have to pay off your loan. Any other information that's pertinent to the life of your loan will also be in there. If anything is unclear, please don't hesitate to ask.

You may still be unsure about getting a title loan in North Miami Beach. That being the case, here's a handy list the remind you of the benefits you'll get by taking out a loan with us.

  • Pay for tuition, an old bill, or go on vacation. The way you spend the money is up to you.
  • Your credit doesn't matter to us. We accept your vehicle as collateral, thus bypassing the need to run your credit.
  • A title loan can improve your credit even if you have a bankruptcy in the past.
  • Apply online and find out how much money you can borrow.
  • As the borrower, you're protected by law.

Why not see how Amberjack Finance can help you today? Getting title loans North Miami Beach has never been easier.